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Debt is the last taboo. But borrowing money, or taking on debt, isn't always a bad thing. Debts that you can comfortably pay back over an agreed period, are sometimes appropriate in order to take the next step in life. 


It's only when your debts become unaffordable and unmanageable that problems can arise. In fact, the majority of borrowers start defaulting through no fault of their own, with the main reasons being;

• Ill health

• Loss of job

• Poor budgeting

• Loss of earnings (overtime or self-employed earnings)

• Borrowing beyond their means

Debt information

If you’re body is beginning to feel the symptoms of debt - such as trouble sleeping or extra strain on your relationships - Freeze is here to save your day.

Payday Loan Debt

If utilised responsibly, payday loans can undoubtedly get you out of a squeeze when faced with an unexpected expense. Though, often seen as controversial due to high-interest rates and providers that are seen to prey on the vulnerable.

Council Tax Arrears

Interest and charges from Overdrafts can pile up quickly if you don’t make payments to cover them - especially if you continue to spend.

Credit Card Debt

Buy now, pay later… making payments with a plastic card is quick, simple and extremely convenient. It’s easy to see why people get into credit card debt.

Unsecured Car Finance

Cars are essential these days, with the UK's lacking public transport network. There are more people taking out car finance to be able to earn money, and therefore more people accruing debt because of it.

Overdraft Debt

Interest and charges from Overdrafts can pile up quickly if you don’t make payments to cover them - especially if you keep on spending.

Store Card Debt

Store cards are extremely attractive when initially taken out, but can quickly run up to larger amounts, with unsustainable high interest rates.

Is your debt

Freeze could reduce your financial stress, by helping you find the right information for your debt problems. Download the app and discover the debt information you need.

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