Stressed about debt?

There's an app for that...

Debt can affect more than just finances. 


In fact, a 2018 study from Mental Health Foundation reports that 22% of those who felt stressed cited debt as a stressor. Additionally, a third (34%) of those suffering from debt also admit to suffering from stress according to the Money Advice Service.


The impact of debt can be felt across a person’s whole life - from careers to professional relationships, to mental health and home life - and consequently lead to stress across all of these areas in life.

Find a suitable and stress-free debt solution with the Freeze Debt app…

Introducing the UK’s leading debt advice and solution app that works entirely through an in-app messaging service and removes the need for stressful phone calls, uncomfortable conversations, and lengthy scheduled processes.


The Freeze Debt app is the first of its kind, using a clever AI technology to determine the debt solutions available to users based on their personal circumstances. Integrated app technologies including Open Banking and Credit Referencing remove the - often taxing and time-consuming - process of manually disclosing financial information needed to determine eligibility for particular solutions. 


We know how stressful debt can be, and we’re here to make finding a solution as easy as possible. 


So, what are you waiting for?


Take your first steps towards a debt-free (and stress-free!) future by downloading the Freeze Debt app today.

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