How I got out of debt using the freeze debt app

The more we discuss money, the better. Debt is generally viewed as a negative word, but there are lots of different types of debt available and it can be a necessary part of life. However, if you find yourself dealing with a debt problem, it’s important to remember it’s always solvable. It might not be a quick fix, or easy for that matter, but there is a way to take back control and put a debt solution in place.


Debt isn’t something to be embarrassed by, it’s something to take control of and with the help of your smartphone, you can do just that.


FREEZE is your one-stop debt solution that can help you find the best solution for your situation and is available to download on the App Store and Google Play. Providing free advice and a solution within just 24 hours, we can help you get your finances back on track and relieve those worries.


Here’s what our customers have to say:


“I can’t thank the guys at FREEZE enough. I have been deliberating a debt solution for many months but the stress of having to initiate contact with a company has always made me put it off. I saw this app advertised on Facebook and the ease of direct messaging intrigued me enough to take the plunge.


Only two days later I am on my way to becoming debt-free. FREEZE explained everything for me, reassured me, every step of the way and took all the trouble out of compiling my income and expenditure and creditors away. I was particularly impressed with the easy uploading of bank statements and being able to send photographs of wage slips in-app and the response time was incredible, not to mention super friendly!

I highly recommend this service to anyone who is in debt but is nervous about taking the step to a suitable solution. Thank you FREEZE!”




“Honestly cannot thank the guys I spoke to on Freeze enough for their amazing advice and sensitivity whilst dealing with me and my situation. They were so thorough and could not do enough to help me and I am now on a path out of debt and have a whole better outlook on life. I just wish I’d found the app sooner and not struggled for so long in silence.”




If you feel that your finances are out of control, like your debt is getting worse, or you’re nervous every time the phone rings, download our easy-to-use app today. In a few simple steps, we can help reduce your stress and put a plan of action in place.


Remember – all debt is solvable!

Get Debt Help now with The freezE App

Get help now with FREEZE. We’re here to help you find a debt solution and put your mind at ease. Download the app and start your journey to becoming debt free!




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