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Find Out About Our Latest App Feature

Here at Freeze we're constantly finding ways to improve our service. Our newest app feature is designed to make the process of finding a debt solution even smoother for our users.

How many times have you filled out an application form, spent a long, gruelling 30-45 minutes filling it out to check if you’re eligible for something, just to find out that you’re not suitable or you’re not happy with the options given to you?

We know how overwhelming this process can be, on top of struggling with debt, so we have added a new feature onto our app, to make our already quick process even quicker.

You can now find out which debt solutions you're eligible for within 2 minutes, and it is completely your decision whether you want to move ahead with the process or not.

To find your solutions, you only need to add the following information:

  1. Your total debt amount

  2. Your average monthly income

  3. Your average monthly expenditure

  4. Total value of your assets

As shown above, you will then be given a breakdown of your options, with side by side comparisons and pros and cons of each solution. It is then entirely up to you which solution you would like to go for, if any - you are not obliged to pick one, this is just so you can see what’s available for you.

The benefits of Quick Solutions

  • Our app is accessible 24/7 - you can input your information at any time and at your own pace

  • It’s less waste of your personal time - you don’t have to go through a long, detailed process to then find out you’re not wanting to take out any of the solutions anyway

  • It’s less invasive - the information you put in to find out your debt solution is very minimal

  • You’re not committed to actually taking a solution out - you get to scope out your options without feeling obliged to go ahead with any of them

Why we stand out

There are many other experienced debt advice and solution companies out there who also give out expert advice, but none of them can offer you a solution as quickly as we can.

To receive a debt solution from a number of our competitors, you have to input a lot of detailed information regarding yourself and include a complete breakdown and detailed analysis of all your debts, which will easily take 30-45 minutes or possibly more depending on the amount of your debts.

Additionally, some debt solution companies don’t offer the option of adding your details online at all - they go straight to a traditional phone call where you have to speak to someone about your financial worries.

Admitting to a complete stranger, out loud over the phone, that you’re struggling with debt can be a very awkward conversation, which can cause extreme stress and/or anxiety, and for many, this is a major factor which stops people taking that first step to reach out for help to be able to improve their financial future.

Mental Health Benefit

Earlier this year, we conducted our own research to look into peoples’ relationship with mental wellbeing and debt, and only 1 in 5 people said they would feel comfortable speaking to a professional debt advisor about their financial difficulties.

Going through a long application process can heighten anxiety, when having to input a lot of information and most of the time, people get halfway through and then quit the process because it’s taken so long.

As a result of this, vulnerable people in debt are not getting the help that they need, and are falling further into a financial crisis, which can cause mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

At Freeze debt, our goal is to alleviate any sort of stress or anxiety when reaching out for help, and that is the main purpose of this new quick solution feature.


About Freeze Debt

Freeze Debt is the first debt advice and solutions app helping UK users to take their first steps towards a debt-free future. Our free service provides those struggling with unmanageable debt a confidential space to speak openly about their debt and financial worries and find a suitable solution based on their personal circumstances.

Freeze Debt's in-app messaging service is a revolutionary and modern way for users to address their debts and find solutions in less than 5 minutes, compared to the traditional and uncomfortable ‘call-centre-model’ that can take an average of 45 minutes.

So far, we’ve helped clear over £30m of debt and helped many people begin their journey to a debt-free future.


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