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How Freeze Solved My Debt Problems

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Freeze Debt has been created to use technology at our fingertips to help people find a solution to their debt problems. With our friendly and anonymous in app chat service it really gives users an easy way to find a way out from the burden and stress that is associated with debt. Here is JackyC73 story which details how Freeze Debt helped her:

Breath Again

“For the last 5 months, I haven’t slept or been able to focus on anything without the feeling of doom over my debts. Pay day would come and then, debt day (the day all my debts are due) the day after, leaving me nothing to actually live on. Barely existing and feeling horrible for the next month until the cycle repeated itself.

Yesterday I had enough and the Freeze advert came up on my Facebook. I downloaded the app, filled in the details feeling a little bit sick to be honest looking at how much I actually owed. The app and chat was brilliant and really gave me a feeling of hope, that there is a way out from this cloud I’ve lived under for months now.

I spoke to Jonathan and Nuri who are both amazing. A plan looks like it’s in action to allow me to breathe again. I know I’m the one who got myself into this stinking mess but with Freeze’s help, I can hopefully get out of it!

If you’re struggling, reach out to this lot. You are not alone...They are fabulous and will give the best advice.”


If you are looking for advice and help with your debts download the app now:

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