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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Smart phones have changed every aspect of our lives, from stalking your ex on Facebook, to book a luxury villa in Ibiza on Air BnB – we take our digital lives for granted. It’s sometimes hard to believe the first iPhone only came out in 2007.

Nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore...

Let’s be honest, how many times have you looked at your ringing phone and thought “why can’t you just text?”.

According to a recent study by Ofcom, time spent on landline calls plummeted from 103 billion minutes to 54 billion minutes between 2012 and 2017. They also found a clear generational shift, between younger people who preferred to use text-based services and older people who preferred to talk over the phone.

Avoided Missed Calls

Research shows that even the time we spend talking on our mobiles is in decline, and a quarter of smartphone users never use them to place a voice call.

Getting a phone call is even worse, it feels like an intrusion.....an interruption.

Talking Debt

For people struggling with debts, this becomes even more profound, as they are receiving persistent calls from debt collectors demanding money they don’t have. The mere sound of the phone ringing can be enough to fill them with dread.

Even when they decide to tackle their debt problems, companies providing debt solutions such as IVA’s are all telephone-based, which results in many people continuing to stick their head in the sand.

How FREEZE Works

We do not give any advice to the consumer, all we do is collect the information via the app and send to the Insolvency Practitioner. Our income stream will come from insolvency Practitioners who pay a fee to us when providing them with a complete IVA case.

“We felt that technology has aided many industries to make great leaps forward over the last few years, however, Debt Solution is still paper-based. We believe Freeze will help to bring Debt Solution into the 21st century” - Harjit Moore - Freeze Debt.


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Freeze debt is an information-based service only, at no point do we give you advice on which debt solution is best. We provide you with information so you can make an informed decision on which solution fits your needs.


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