Can My Debts Be Written Off?

Being in debt is often an extremely stressful and draining experience. If you’ve racked up a lot of debt and you’re worried about how you’ll pay it off, fear not, there are plenty of ways to tackle it and get on top of your finances in no time.

Sometimes creditors may agree to write off part of a debt, or in some cases all of it, but it depends on situation and the approach you take to dealing with your debts.

Asking creditors to write off debts

If you have found yourself in a situation where you are unable to pay anything to pay your debts, and your circumstance is unlikely to change, there are certain things your creditors can do to help. The majority of borrowers start defaulting through no fault of their own, with the main reasons being;

  • Ill health

  • Loss of job

  • Poor budgeting

  • Loss of earnings (Overtime or Self-employed earnings)

  • Borrowing beyond their means

In these situations it may be worth asking creditors to write off your debt rather than keep contacting you to ask for money you simply don’t have.

Using insolvency to write off debt

There are a number of debt solutions available if you are insolvent. These are legally binding so they give you protection from your creditors and write off some or all of your debts.

Each insolvency solution is different and has its own qualifying criteria. In most cases insolvency solutions are only suitable if your debts add up to more than the value of the assets you own.


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