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We know that talking about your debt problems to strangers is not the nicest thing to do.  This can lead to unwanted embarrassment, stress and anxiety and ultimately put people off wanting to find what they can do to solve their issues.  An app gives you privacy and makes it easier - you can go through the process in your own time.



We know finding a solution to your debt issues can be mind-boggling with all the different options there are.


How do you know if a debt management plan is better than an IVA for your personal situation? We have made it easy - all you have to do is tell us how much you owe and we will give you an indication for what could be the best solution for you.


Our debt solution calculator

Get help now with FREEZE. We’re here to help you find a debt solution and put your mind at ease. Simply answer 2 questions to see what solutions would be best suited to your needs, what's to lose?

how we can help

See how an IVA could help you to consolidate all unsecured debts into one smaller monthly payment and write off unaffordable debt.

Figures based on an actual customer who was recommended an IVA. Alternative solutions may be offered. Lenders are not obliged to accept less than contractual payments. Fees payable if continuing services are provided. Fees are explained here.


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The debt solution app

FREEZE is the one stop-debt solution app and can find you a debt management solution to help you write off your unaffordable debt.

Download the app and discover the best solution for your situation...



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