"My debt crept up on me, I needed help."

Greg*, Freeze Debt Customer

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Being in debt is a terrible feeling, and finding help can feel like an uphill battle.


My debt, like many others, crept up on me, and wasn’t just one big financial mistake, but a handful of smaller ones. 


I took out a personal loan of over £12,000, and took out some store cards - not because I needed them, but they offered what seemed like a great deal at the time. I ended up in my overdraft and the debt began to add up. Before I knew it I was juggling payments, and realised that I needed serious help.

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What I wasn’t aware of, was the different debt solutions available based on what I owed and who I owed it to. 


The Freeze Debt app was super easy to use, and it took a matter of minutes to fill out the details needed and find out more about the solutions available to me.


’The app took away my debt worries and allowed me to breathe again. I wish I would’ve found it sooner.’


After speaking to the debt advice team at Freeze, a weight was instantly lifted. I had debts of over £17,000 and eventually, over half of my debts ended up being written off as part of my IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). 

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"I didn't know how to handle it." - Read Polly's Story here...

"They are a amazing company. I had hit rock bottom and didn't know where to turn. I saw the ad for the app so thought I would try it. They have been so helpful and very easy to talk to. Im hard of hearing so don't do well on the phone so other companies put me off. Been able to sort out my debt via WhatsApp and email. Think other companies need to take a leaf out of their book and think of other ways to help people that are struggling."

- Jessica Dacre

"I am so glad that i found Freeze - exceptional service, friendly, professional and caring. Ashley looked after me throughout the process & kept me informed every step of the way, it was like talking to a friend, no judgement just understanding."

- Stacey Humm

As well as a huge amount of debt being written off, my monthly payments were reduced from over £600, to just £100 per month, giving me the space to breathe again.


Thank you to the Freeze Debt team, especially Jonathan. Without you, I would never have been able to access the information and advice I needed to take the necessary steps towards better finances.

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