The Ultimate Guide to Financial Wellbeing 2021

Freeze Debt X MoneyNerd

The conversation around all things finance remains a tricky one, and knowing exactly how to handle personal finance and everything that comes with it can be difficult without having - often uncomfortable - conversations with others.

Whilst we want to encourage honest, positive and open conversations around finance, we understand that many people might not be at a stage where they feel comfortable discussing their finances. 

That's why we've teamed up with the guys at MoneyNerd to create the 'Ultimate Guide to Financial Wellbeing,' an educational resource designed to give you the information and advice necessary to take your first steps towards a better financial future.

The ONLY guide you'll ever need to improve your financial future...

Technology tips to your digitise your finances and make progress tracking easier.

Advice around saving and spending to help achieve your financial goals.

Budgeting advice for realistic and sustainable financial lifestyle changes.

Struggling with debt? There's an app for that...

The Freeze Debt app has helped thousands of people struggling with debt to pay off an accumulative over £27m of debt, and offers a new and alternative way for debtors to speak to professionals about their financial worries. But don't just take our word for it...

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The advisers are quick to respond, with good info that isn't judgemental. You may be communicating with different advisers however they're all in complete understanding of the context of the conversation, so you're never backtracking or repeating anything. Massive thank you.

Olivia L was a great help, explained terms clearly to help me better understand how to make smart choices and was friendly and a REAL PERSON! Very rare for it to not be a bot nowadays! Very pleased.

Great, helped me get my finances sorted, friendly helpful staff through messaging and calling helping you through it, highly reccomend to anyone in a mess like me!

I'd just like to thank Freeze for all their help. They made such a worrying process much more bearable. Even though I didn't end up going down the IVA route with them, they had already put in so much work, which made things much more straightforward for me. I had been putting off dealing with my situation for so long and without the help and support received from Freeze, I most probably wouldn't be on my way to getting to the bottom of my debts right now.

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