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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. See our FAQs below.

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Can you write off my debt?

Certain debt solutions such as IVAs might write off a proportion of your debt, whereas other solutions such as bankruptcy and DROs will write off all of your debt. To find out which debt solutions you’re eligible for, you can download our app. Please note that eligibility is dependent on individual circumstances, and all have their own pros and cons.

Will my credit rating be affected if I take out a debt solution?

All formal and legally binding debt solutions will be recorded on your credit file, meaning that you may find it more difficult to obtain credit in the future. The length of time that your credit score will be affected depends on the sort of solution you decide to take out and your financial behaviours going forward.

How do I know which debt solution is right for me?

The debt solutions that are available to you will depend on your personal financial circumstances. These factors include: the amount of debt you owe, your disposable income and what assets you own. Other contributing factors such as dependents and partners can also come into play. To find out which debt solutions you’re eligible for, you can download our app; or to talk through your options, you can speak with one of our expert advisors.

If I've already taken out a debt solution, can I take out another?

If you’ve taken out a DMP, as it’s not legally binding, you can look at other debt solutions such as an IVA, DRO or bankruptcy. If you have taken out a legally binding solution you will need to discharge yourself from the solution before being able to take out a different one. You will need to contact your solution provider to arrange this.

I’ve entered into a debt solution which requires monthly payments but I’m struggling to make the agreed payments, what can I do?’

If you’re struggling to make your monthly payments you will need to get in touch with the insolvency practitioner or debt management company that you took out your solution with. Depending on your situation and your solution, you may be able to get help such as payment breaks or a reduction in your monthly payment.

Can I take out a debt solution without my partner's knowledge?

If your debts are solely in your own name you may be able to enter some solutions without your partner being involved. However, some solutions will require a household income and expenditure, so information of your partner's income etc may be required and your partner's consent may also able to be required to use that information.
If any of your debts are in joint names with your partner (or other 3rd party) they will remain liable for the debt and the creditor(s) may notify your partner / 3rd party of the change to the liability position.

Does it matter what type of debt I have?

The majority of unsecured debts can be included depending on which solution you choose.
Secured debts can not be included as the property/goods/vehicle they are secured against will be at risk.
Debts which can not be included in a debt solution include: Student Loans, Criminal Fines and debts incurred due to fraud

Will I lose assets like my car and home?

This depends on your circumstances and the solution which you choose, so you need to look at your options carefully.

Will I need to re-mortgage my home?

This depends on your circumstances and the solution which you choose, so you need to look at your options carefully.  For example, homeowners who decide to propose an IVA will usually be required to attempt to remortgage if they have equity in their property, but again this can depends on your circumstances, including the amount of equity available, your age and health etc.

Will my partner be affected if I take out a debt solution?

If you choose to take out a sole solution, your partner’s credit score and assets will not be affected. If your debts are in both your names and you take out a joint solution, both you and your partner’s credit score and assets will be affected (dependant on which solution you take out).

Is the app free?

Yes. The Freeze Debt app and service always has been and always will be free to download and use.

If the app is free, how do you make money?

Freeze Debt does not charge for using the App or for any information provided. However, if we proceed to Act in a formal capacity in respect of your preferred debt solution or we pass your information to one of our selected 3rd parties, fees may be payable or we may receive remuneration for the assistance we have provided.

Do I need to be a UK resident to use Freeze?

Yes. At the minute, our app is only for use by UK residents. This is because each country has different rules and laws surrounding debt and debt solutions. We’re hoping to expand internationally in the future.

How do I complain?

We try our best to provide our users with the best service possible and our expert advisors are always available to help via in-app messaging. However, if you’re unhappy with our service, you can email us at

Still Have a Question?

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