Stop bailiff action today

If you have a debt problem and have been receiving letters to tell you bailiffs are coming to your home, you may feel anxious, worried and extremely stressed. Bailiffs have the legal power to collect money on behalf of another company, or they can take your belongings to pay off your debts. In general, bailiffs are sent once the company has tried all other options.


Bailiffs can be called upon to collect a variety of debts such as parking penalties, council tax, income tax, VAT, child support and many other debts. It is important to remember that a debt collector is different to a bailiff and will not have the permission to seize possessions or enter your home by force.


What rights do bailiffs have?


Bailiffs have rules they have to follow, and they are not allowed to visit your home until you have received a notice of enforcement at least seven days prior. They must show you ID, ask your permission to enter your property and tell you the reason for their visit. When they make their first visit to your property, they can only enter if you allow them to or through a door that has been left open. However, if they have a Magistrates Court Warrant, they can enter by force.


To find out more about what bailiffs can take and how you should expect to be treated, visit  Citizens Advice for clear information on the action your creditor can take.


How can I stop bailiff action today?  


Since you must receive notice of a planned visit seven days prior, this gives you some time to organise a debt solution that could prevent the visit from taking place. The first time a bailiff does visit your home, you do have the right to deny them entry and ask them to leave.


Here at FREEZE, we offer a free app through the App Store or Google Play which you can download and begin finding your debt solution. Simply answer two questions, how much debt you have, and how many debtors there are. The FREEZE team will then look to find you a solution within 24 hours, to put a plan in place and prevent bailiff action.


The worst thing you can do is ignore bailiff letters. You need to take action as soon as possible and remember, debt is always solvable. 


If you’re worried about bailiffs or have received a written notice, download the FREEZE app today. You could have the solution you need within 24 hours to stop bailiff action. 


You can also visit the Money Advice Service or Direct GOV for further impartial money advice.

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